Katrina – How podcasts can help people get ready

This podcast explores how podcasts could help a community get ready for a disaster like Katrina. I volunteered to be the citizen spearhead of the Y2k preparation project for my town – St Paul, MN – back in the late ’90’s. Our team relied a lot on stuff that FEMA provided, most notably a handbook for “building disaster resistant communities” called Project Impact. I was struck by how podcasting could help with such a project and dug back into the archives to find some of that stuff.

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Show notes

I had a heck of a time tracking down the old FEMA Project Impact stuff, because FEMA cancelled the program when the Bush administration came in (a bad idea in my opinion). Here’s a link to an old FEMA page on the web archive that describes what Project Impact was all about, and gives a bunch of case-study examples of how you could do it in your community.

Here’s the link

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