You can tell who the pioneers are — they have the arrows in their backs

Dave Winer did a couple of great podcasts this week — the first a very personal revelation of his side of the business difficulties between him and Adam Curry and the second, which inspired this podcast, in which he does a lot of reflecting and shares a bunch of ideas that I found compelling. So this podcast is dedicated to the inventors and pioneers — who are often eclipsed by the promoters and popularizers.

The music on this podcast is… um… mine. One of the things Dave talks about inspired me to take a risk and put a little song together for the podcast. This podcast is about 12.5 mBytes.

Download the podcast

Show notes:

Adam Curry's Strategy 'Cast 2.0 – link

Adam Curry's first strategy 'cast – link

Dave Winer's version of the story — click on the “17 minute podcast” link to hear it – link

Dave Winder's “day after” podcast (the “get out of town” podcast link at the beginning of this page) — the one that inspired this show – link

Reginald Fessenden, the true father of radio – link

Lew Hill's “Theory of Listener Sponsored Radio” – link

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