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Podshow… Does that deal make sense?

Thursday, September 1st, 2005

I listened to Adam and Ron’s roadshow pitches for the Podshow deal. Here’s my summary of their story. I think some of it’s right and some of it’s wrong — this podcast is about my take on the story they’re telling, and the deal they made. I’m not sure that Internet-users and podcasters are going to run along the tracks that Ron and Adam have laid out for them. I think Dave Winer may have the right interpretation of this deal…

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Sex, numbers and a format change

Saturday, August 27th, 2005

I’m tinkering with the format today. A little more music, a little less rant. In this show I’m ruminating about “the numbers” that we are using to keep score on our podcasts. Now that Adam Curry and crew have gotten Podshow funded I’m struck by how we’re talking a lot about “subscribers” and “impressions” these days. But like “hits” and “page views” back in the 90’s, those are pretty undefined numbers.

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Money! Podcasting! Podcasting and Money…

Wednesday, June 29th, 2005

Of course people are all excited about making a fortune in podcasting. Listen to this podcast to hear where I think the money will be made, why it won't materially influence the bulk of what happens in podcasting, and why money isn't going to matter for most of us.

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Snippets – the new form a media in a mix and remix world

Monday, June 13th, 2005

I read a great article this week that got me thinking about the format of this show. Snippets. It's all about snippets. Media becomes little short bits that we (the audience) mix and twiddle to meet our own needs. There's lots more to be found at Umrir Hrque's Bubble Generation site. The document that got me going on all this is his (long, but worth it) The New Economics of Media Powerpoint deck.

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We've got to untether the MP3 player for podcasting to take off

Monday, June 6th, 2005

Community radio folks (and NPR types as well) are telling me podcasting is just a flash in the pan — because people don't own their iPods for very long before they stop using them and turn back to other ways of listening. That may be true (it is for me) but that shouldn't give radio people great comfort, it just means that the tech has some getting-better to do. I describe where I think it goes from here.

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You can tell who the pioneers are — they have the arrows in their backs

Monday, May 30th, 2005

Dave Winer did a couple of great podcasts this week — the first a very personal revelation of his side of the business difficulties between him and Adam Curry and the second, which inspired this podcast, in which he does a lot of reflecting and shares a bunch of ideas that I found compelling. So this podcast is dedicated to the inventors and pioneers — who are often eclipsed by the promoters and popularizers.

The music on this podcast is… um… mine. One of the things Dave talks about inspired me to take a risk and put a little song together for the podcast. This podcast is about 12.5 mBytes.

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Show notes:

Adam Curry's Strategy 'Cast 2.0 – link

Adam Curry's first strategy 'cast – link

Dave Winer's version of the story — click on the “17 minute podcast” link to hear it – link

Dave Winder's “day after” podcast (the “get out of town” podcast link at the beginning of this page) — the one that inspired this show – link

Reginald Fessenden, the true father of radio – link

Lew Hill's “Theory of Listener Sponsored Radio” – link

NPR vs CPB — he who pays the piper calls the tune

Monday, May 23rd, 2005

A week full of news that's interesting if you're a community podcaster. CPB slaps NPR, NPR slaps back, Cox and Clear Channel are dropping rock-format stations 'cause they're not seeing the rate of return they want, and iTunes looks like they're going to support podcasts. Community podcasters take note — the titans are throwing thunderbolts at each other, which means big opportunities for us decentralized voices.

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Podcast about podcasts as comments in podcasts (pretty recursive, huh?)

Saturday, April 30th, 2005

Adam Curry's got a new “Strategy 'cast” out, and it triggered an idea. Why not build podcasting sites so that the comments to podcasts are podcasts? Buncha interesting software widgets would have to get built, and there's some etiquette to figure out. But some neat things could happen. Podcasting could cross-pollinate and cross-promote a lot better, and it could make for more interesting shows.

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