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You can tell who the pioneers are — they have the arrows in their backs

Monday, May 30th, 2005

Dave Winer did a couple of great podcasts this week — the first a very personal revelation of his side of the business difficulties between him and Adam Curry and the second, which inspired this podcast, in which he does a lot of reflecting and shares a bunch of ideas that I found compelling. So this podcast is dedicated to the inventors and pioneers — who are often eclipsed by the promoters and popularizers.

The music on this podcast is… um… mine. One of the things Dave talks about inspired me to take a risk and put a little song together for the podcast. This podcast is about 12.5 mBytes.

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Show notes:

Adam Curry's Strategy 'Cast 2.0 – link

Adam Curry's first strategy 'cast – link

Dave Winer's version of the story — click on the “17 minute podcast” link to hear it – link

Dave Winder's “day after” podcast (the “get out of town” podcast link at the beginning of this page) — the one that inspired this show – link

Reginald Fessenden, the true father of radio – link

Lew Hill's “Theory of Listener Sponsored Radio” – link

NPR vs CPB — he who pays the piper calls the tune

Monday, May 23rd, 2005

A week full of news that's interesting if you're a community podcaster. CPB slaps NPR, NPR slaps back, Cox and Clear Channel are dropping rock-format stations 'cause they're not seeing the rate of return they want, and iTunes looks like they're going to support podcasts. Community podcasters take note — the titans are throwing thunderbolts at each other, which means big opportunities for us decentralized voices.

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Community radio stations are a GREAT place to do community podcasting

Monday, May 16th, 2005

This is the “call to action” podcast for community-radio programmers, producers, staff and boardmembers. I'm lobbying that you folks could be the epicenter of community podcasting if you choose to do so — and I hope you will. This podcast explores a little about why I think that, plus a little about what it will mean.

If you like this podcast, you may want to listen to some of the others which get at narrower topics that you might be interested in. View this as the ravings of an aging community radio organizer, talking about what I'd be doing if I were still at a station.

The whole shebang is about 13 mBytes.

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Audio is a better community medium than video

Sunday, May 8th, 2005

This an old argument, left over from the community radio days. Which is a better community medium, audio or video? I'm on the side of audio. I think it's easier to produce, easier to teach to other people, more involving for the listener and a much better story-telling medium. And “people telling their own stories” is what community media is all about.

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